Chartering of units


Chartering of units

Chartering of vessels, by definition, is a contract under which the transportation of cargo or people is carried out in shipping. Chartering is characterized by irregularity or non-recurrence. Chartering of vessels is also the hiring of a ship, or a yacht with or without a crew for a specific period of time, for the purpose of organizing transportation or travel in the scope of the hirer. This definition is defined by maritime law according to the Maritime Code of September 18, 2001.

DIVAL has at its disposal the vessel Neptune W. It is a marine tug with a hull length of 17.04 meters and a width of 4.21 meters. It is equipped with a 260kW Volvo Penta engine and a number of auxiliary equipment. It is a diving base created by us, which increases the range of services provided by DIVAL.

DIVAL is a comprehensive underwater and hydraulic engineering works, as well as chartering of vessels, responding to the needs of the client. We provide towing and transportation services, support construction sites and have a diving base in the Gdansk Bay. We also perform transportation of supplies and crews. We invite you to cooperate with us!

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