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DIVAL is a team of experienced professional divers, underwater work managers and marine and hydraulic engineers. DIVAL team are people with knowledge, many years of experience and relevant authorizations.

DIVAL – we provide the highest quality services throughout Poland. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Underwater works

Dival responds to the difficult challenges of underwater work. In cooperation with the client, we design the appropriate technology to carry out underwater work.
We offer a wide range of services. Among others, we perform underwater welding, underwater cutting (steel, concrete, wood), hole drilling (with impact drills, core drills), pressure injections (underwater). We also carry out repairs and inspections of the underwater part of vessels, as well as underwater inspections by ROV.
We operate in accordance with the Law on Underwater Work. We have all the necessary permits and authorizations to perform underwater work in Poland.


Hydrotechnical works

DIVAL takes on the challenges of all hydro-engineering works – welding, sealing injections of hydro-engineering structures, technical condition assessments of hydro-engineering structures, expert opinions. DIVAL provides services for the investment from the execution of the inventory and design to the implementation of the execution of hydrotechnical works.


Construction expertise & structural condition assessments

DIVAL offers to carry out reliable construction expertise for hydro-engineering structures, technical condition assessments of hydro-engineering structures and inventories of underwater works carried out. At DIVAL, we offer investor and project supervision of underwater works performed. DIVAL also responds to the demand for dedicated underwater works upon agreement with the client.


Chartering of units

DIVAL is a comprehensive underwater and hydraulic engineering works, as well as chartering of vessels, responding to the needs of the client. We provide towing and transportation services, support construction sites and have a diving base in the Gulf of Gdansk.



A team of experienced divers and underwater work managers?

The owner of the company, Łukasz Gienieczko, M.Sc., graduated from the Design of Special Ships and Ocean Engineering Objects , at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Shipbuilding, Gdansk University of Technology. He has been doing underwater work since 2015. He gained experience working on many hydro projects in Poland and abroad.

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