Underwater work


Diving/underwater inspections

Underwater work, as defined, based on the Law of October 17, 2003 on Underwater Work, is the activities performed under the surface of water by persons, either in diving equipment or in an environment of artificially created elevated atmospheric pressure. Underwater work also includes the activities of people working on the surface who organize underwater work and operate the equipment of the underwater work base.

DIVAL responds to the challenges of underwater work of all types – underwater welding, underwater cutting of concrete, underwater sealing injections, underwater drilling. As a DIVAL company, we also carry out repairs and inspections of the underwater part of vessels, as well as underwater inspections by ROV. At DIVAL, we have the right equipment and proven materials. We realize audio-visual documentation of the underwater work we perform.

The underwater work offered by DIVAL is carried out by a qualified and experienced team, which meets all safety standards and requirements and has up-to-date approvals and certificates. DIVAL provides high quality services. We invite you to cooperate with us!

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Inspections of vessels

Underwater inspections
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